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    2.12 oz


    Made only of Parmesan cheese aged over 24 months. Nothing else. All natural. Gluten & wheat free. No preservatives. Resealable. 9 g protein per serving. Excellent source of protein & calcium. See nutrition information for fat, saturated fat and sodium content. Guilt-free snacking perfection. No artificial colors or flavors. Wheat is a Whisp? The perfect snack food, Whisps are made from just one wholesome ingredient. Cello's award-winning copper kettle Parmesan cheese is baked into a flavorful, airy. crispy - Whispy! - bite. An excellent source of protein and calcium, Whisps give you a feel-good, real food snacking experience without the guilt. Eat them as-is or toss them on a salad or appetizer plate for flavor and crunch! We know you'll love them. More Ways to Whisp Up Your Life: Zest up soup, salads or pasta dishes! Perfect with a glass of wine, always! Great replacement for fries and chips! Get more zesty ideas at www.cellowhisps.com. People love these Whisps for lots of reasons! Find new recipe ideas or share yours. Facebook: cellowhisps. Twitter: at cellowhisps. World Championship Cheese Contest. Made with our award-winning cheese. Manufactured in the USA.






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